Barrie Robinson & Tim Jarvis

Creative Team, Birmingham, West Midlands

Barrie and Tim, also known as Tim and Barrie are a creative team. Barrie Robinson does the pictures and Tim Jarvis does the words.

Born and bred in Yorkshire. Both Barrie and Tim are disappointments to their mothers, who raised them to have a proper job and to know better.

McCann, JWT, Poulters, Big, Family, Hicklin Slade & Partners.

GM, Harley-Davidson, SAAB, Lotus, Sunseeker, Honda, Bentley, Scania, Avis, Sealife, Kellogg’s, WKD, Lambrini, Johnnie Walker, Pepsi, Vimto, Napolina, ASDA, Domino’s, Blockbuster, Stanley Tools, Focus DIY, World Vision, The National Lottery, Marie Curie, DFS, La fitness, Greggs, Arla, Samsung, Umbro, HSE, COI, BBC, Scottish Executive, Lloyds TSB, First Direct, Reckitt Benckiser.

Kinsale Shark, Epica, Roses, Fresh, Cream.